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Custom Home, Lasting Impressions

By July 24, 2013No Comments

Any building or remodeling project can be challenging, especially a custom home. Here is proof, however, that the right contractor partnered with the right client can not only survive the construction process, but thrive through it and end with a close personal bond:

We have moved into our new home and love it!  The great patio view, the openness and flow inside the home make this house so very comfortable.  This house is well constructed and looks fabulous.  

We wanted to write this note of thanks to you and your team. Too often in our world, people are quick to criticize and to find the negative side of people and things. Compliments and commendations of good work are not given as often as they should be to good people. Good thoughts and comments bolster the soul and keep people working hard and effectively…..someone notices a job well done and says so.  It is important to Bob and to me that we recognize the good work done by you and your staff and to tell you so in writing!   We thought it was well worth our time to compose a thoughtful and sincere letter to you.

Dick, it was a real pleasure to work with you and your guys.  From the first day we met, we liked everyone working at and for Meyer Brothers and Sons.  We found them to be skilled and hard working.  They were also outgoing, friendly, and helped us feel comfortable and welcome on the construction site.  We will never forget you, Jarl, Greg, Luke, Drew, Rick, Jerry, the rooftop Christmas tree, the Angel on the door, and the bouquet of flowers.  It was important to us to have a positive relationship with our builder and his team and we did!  Some good natured teasing and bantering took place among all of us too.   This made for a good work atmosphere and one in which Bob and I appreciated and enjoyed.   We always felt comfortable asking any member of your team a question or to ask for an explanation.  No one talked down to us or disrespected us.

Building a new home requires a huge team of talented individuals. Meyer Brothers and Sons has just that, a knowledgeable and skilled group of dedicated men. It was clear to us from the beginning that these men liked and respected you and each other.

Everyone provided us with top quality workmanship and behaved professionally on the job site. You kept the project on schedule as best you could and provided us with a quality built home.  Thank you. It was also good to have calm and direct conversations with you about a variety of topics.  We appreciated the fact that you did not shy away from or ignore difficult, but necessary conversations.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was huge and important.  We were fortunate to have your company build our home.  We both feel that we have not only developed a strong professional relationship with you and your team, but a strong personal bond that will continue.  

We are glad our paths have crossed.  Thanks again.