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Google Sketchup Pro

By February 8, 2012No Comments
After much debate & deliberation on what drawing program I wanted to use for both design & communication documents, I decided on Google Sketchup Pro. For the past several years I’ve been mixing media from AutoCAD & the free version of Sketchup. After purchasing a new computer and not being able to transfer my AutoCAD to my new machine, I decided to streamline and purchase the Pro version of Sketchup, allowing you to create scaled layouts from your Sketchup model. Because most of the work we do is more in the details and aesthetic components of a project and not high detailed, elaborate buildings, this seems to be the most logical solution. I feel like I have already learned alot about this program, but am only scratching the surface in its capabilities. Below are examples of how I can start to layout my project using this new program: