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Latest Kitchen

By June 8, 2011No Comments

Here are some pictures of our most recent kitchen renovation. I particularly like this one for it’s unique door style, which is an updated take on the traditional shaker door. This is the first kitchen we have done using this door, and it was based on an existing piece of Amish made furniture she had in her dining room. And by removing the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, we greatly increased the openness of the home which made for a dramatic change.

What is great about making cabinets from scratch is we can do whatever we want, the only limitation we have is our imagination. The owner had the idea to have a glass panel above a wood panel in the same door on either side of the range. Other cabinet companies either said they couldn’t do it or had a large additional fee to do so. Since everything for us is handmade, it was not problem to meet that need of hers for minimal cost. With lights in that cabinet, it makes for a great showpiece.  Also, the corner glass cabinets were created to replace the old china cabinet & also were designed to soften the corner, creating a smoother, less harsh transition into the kitchen. The back of the peninsula was designed & built to allow access to otherwise dead space against the wall. Even though it is not a big kitchen, it is packed with unique details & features maximizing storage & aesthetic beauty.

Here is what the kitchen used to look like, highlighting the dramatic change that took place: