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Project Pictures & Review

By April 15, 2015March 16th, 2018No Comments

Remodeling older homes while maintaining there character is a passion and joy of ours. This particular residence located in Oakley was a good example of that transformation:

 entry after/before

dining after/before

family after/before

Not only was this a great project, we got to work for a great client. He was kind enough to offer a complete stranger, who was looking to hire our company, answers to some good, standard questions one should know before hiring any company. I thought I’d share these for any potential clients who would benefit from them as well.
1. Did your job come in according to budget?  Yes, with the exception of the work we added on after the agreement.
2. How often did the contractor come to your home?  Joe, the leader, was a constant presence.  We were not in the home for a majority of our renovation (as we lived in a rental property)
3. How often did the crew come to your home?  For first 8 weeks, daily.  After that point, as needed by each contractor contributing to the job.
4. If the contractor was not there, was there someone with the authority to answer your questions and make decisions?  Yes or they would call Joe or one of the other brothers
5. Were change orders in writing?  Via email, yes.
6. Did the job finish on time?  2 weeks late.
7. If not, why?  Delay in materials arriving from Italy.
8. How did the contractor leave the site at the end of the day?  Very well cleaned up and orderly to the point where we told them they didn’t have to spend so much time doing it!
9. Did you feel it was safe?  100%
10. Did the contractor obtain necessary permits?  Wasn’t required for our particular project…
11. What hours did the contractor work?  7:30am-4:30pm
12. Did the contractor have other jobs going at the same time that you know of? If so, did he or she have enough workers to cover both jobs?  Yes and Yes
13. Were you consulted about materials used?  Yes
14. Was the crew pleasant?  Every day
15. Did the work pass inspection?  Yes and if there were issues they handled them quickly
16. Were you given a clear idea of what the contractor was going to do for you?   Yes – the CAD drawing was very helpful.
17. Were the results what you expected?  Yes
18. Were you happy with the contractor’s subcontractors?  Yes, they seemed to function as one unit so hard to tell difference between Meyer and them.
19. How big was your job, and what kind of work did the contractor do for you?  Nearly 100k job on a kitchen remodel, a 2nd heating/central cooling unit installation, and a myriad of home improvements. 
20. Would you work with this contractor again?  In a heartbeat.