Project Narrative

It was a joy to design and build the family’s dream home that conveyed natural building materials, honest design features and simple forms. The natural building materials came to fruition with natural wood and stone exterior materials, and interior railings, posts and a table made from trees removed from the site. The honest design was achieved through treating the roof as floating planes without gutters and exhibiting the structural nature of the entry truss. The simple forms came through not only in the roof but also the double sided chimney, penetrating both the exterior wall and roof beautifully.


Designed & Built, from foundation to finish


In house design by Rick Meyer, architect

Approximate cost

$500,000 – $600,000

Loved working with Rick, Joe and the entire crew. Easy to work with, clean, timely and no surprises on our beautiful bath total remodel. Liked them so much they will be doing our new house renovation!

Lee Anne Broyles BerlageJuly 2016 - Facebook