This family had always envisioned a spacious master bath and walk-in closet, but their existing master bath and closet left much to be desired.  

This redesign and renovation started with rethinking the existing footprint.  By closing up an existing loft space off the master bedroom for a spacious walk-in closet, the existing closet space was opened up into the master bath.  This allowed for a double vanity with ample storage and space for both owners.  By opening up the existing toilet room, a corner tile shower only added to the spacious grand style the owners wanted, also freeing up space for some added touches of elegance.   


Master Bath Remodel

Approximate cost

$50,000 – $60,000

What We Did

Designed & Built Master Bath Renovation 

A phenomenal contractor! They provided a timeline of the project and was nearly flawless in executing the plan. The punctuality, professionalism and cleanliness while the project was going on was impeccable.

Tom MullenNovember 3, 2017 - Facebook