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5 Most common compliments from our remodeling clientele

By March 27, 2017March 16th, 2018No Comments

Here at Meyer Brothers and Sons, we service our clients to the best of our abilities. As I’ve read through past reviews and thank you notes from previous home remodeling clients, 5 themes emerged:

1) Cleanliness

“I loved that you cleaned up at the end of each day so that, although we were living in a work zone, it didn’t feel quite as much like one at night”

We take great strides to ensure cleanliness during the construction process. A few ways this is accomplished are:

  • covering with plastic any existing furnishings that are in or close to the construction zone
  • using plastic zip walls to separate rooms from construction zones
  • using a negative air machine to create negative pressure within the work zone and directly venting any dust to the exterior

2) Communication

“I loved that you communicated with us throughout the project regarding schedule, who would be arriving next and when to expect them, and regarding changes to the budget as we made changes to the project.”

Real-time communication is key to running a successful project. Here at Meyer Brothers and Sons, we’ve developed an online Project Information Document. This only document allows our clients to always have real-time access to the project schedule and project balance sheet:

3) Vision

“Each of you has a vision, and how to accomplish that vision. Each of you has craftsman as your middle name”

Having architects and designers on staff allows us to help make your family’s construction dreams a reality. In addition, have a highly skilled set of craftsmen ensures that vision is executed to the highest possible quality.

4) Attention to Detail:

“You were all very patient and took a lot of attention to the little things, which means a lot to a person like me. Your work is impressive and I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends!”

It’s your home, and we care about the details. We strive to listen intently to your needs and provide creative, detailed solutions to those needs.

5) Professionalism

“I loved that you really new all of your subs and that they worked with the same standards and professionalism that you all do.”

We’ve spent the last 39 years building our team of subcontractors, partnering with the most qualified and competent people around Cincinnati. As a family business, we understand the trust it takes to invite others into your home and we treat your place as a sacred space.