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Current Openings:

(but always interested in talking to qualified, interested persons)

Lead Carpenter

  • Able to ANTICIPATE projects on a 1 day to 1 week timeframe
  • 1 project alongside a Project Manager (responsible for what the PM delegates – primarily task duration, material coordination, additional labor needs, etc.) – possibly work on small projects alongside Project Coordinator when need arises
  • Tool belt worn 100% of the time
  • Ability to interact with the PID on an iPad/iPhone but there is not the expectation of actively managing the PID

Project Manager

  • Able to ANTICIPATE individual projects from a 1 day to end of project timeframe
  • Responsible for 3-5 projects – Able to visualize how all their respective projects fit into the “BIG PICTURE” of all projects happening within the company
  • Toolbelt worn 10% of the time – tool belt is essentially traded in for a computer as that becomes a primary tool for a PM
  • Actively managing the PID – change order costing, schedule updates, allowance reconciliation, invoicing, etc.
  • Able to fully execute a project from hand off of contract without the NEED of office being involved (this doesn’t mean that you’ll never ask for assistance of the office, but rather it means, if the office did not exist, the PM has the capability to fully see a project through to completion)

What does Growth look like?

Ideal Project Manager Role – “Point of sale – to – Punch out”: this adds the sales dynamic to the role of project manager and this is where we hope to grow and develop this role.

  • Sales – Ability to meet with prospective clients as the first step in landing a project (most of which will have been “prequalified” by Office Manager)
  • Ability to break down a project with a firm grasp on the scope upon leaving an initial client site visit (or getting off the phone with them)
  • Use the estimating templates to generate an initial budget for a project and turn that into an initial proposal – accuracy in costing and clarity of scope
  • Revise initial budgets and proposals in an effort to get to a contract
  • Turn a proposal into a contract and set up the PID in its entirety upon “landing” the sale

If you feel you could add value to our team, please email resume to