This exterior porch addition as well as full kitchen remodel proved well worth the time and money for this active family.  This project greatly improved their existing kitchen and the porch addition gave them a whole outdoor living space, for gathering and family evenings together.  The porch, complete with an outdoor cook space and fireplace, allows the homeowner’s overall vision of extending their home a reality.  

The design process started with some initial conceptual designs, after assessing what the homeowners wanted and envisioned.  Once a design was complete meeting all their expectations, permit and architectural drawings were created.  Construction started with pouring new foundation footings for the fireplace and cook space, as well as 24″ diameter concrete footings for the structural beams and new roof structure.  A new concrete slab was poured and the columns were given a few decorative features to tie into the existing homes appeal.  Stamping and coloring the concrete added a finished tile look without the additional expense.  Small details like a stained wood ceiling, a decorative concrete mantel and matching brick really help to make this area a very inviting and gorgeous outdoor living space.  


New Exterior Covered Patio and Remodeled Kitchen

Approximate cost

$175,000 – $200,000

What We Did

Designed & Built, from foundation to finish the porch as well as a full kitchen featuring custom cabinetry

From Start to Finish very professional. Began with their architect doing comprehensive conceptual (3D and 2D) drawings/plans. Detailed (by room) BID that listed all planned work and allowances. Work began promptly. They used a web-page to facilitate frequent/regular communication of plans, deadlines, material selections/vendors, and financial accounting of all choices in real-time. Their workmanship from foundation to interior painting was exceptional. Especially impressive was the kitchen layout and cabinetry, the family room fireplace/hearth, and the porch addition.
All of their employees clearly knew their roles (from framing, through trim carpentry) and performed them well. Meyer Brothers and Sons also have developed a completely dependable group of sub-contractors (flooring, electric, drywall, plumbing, concrete) that were equally proficient.
They are clean. Throughout construction, they removed scrap materials, and cleaned daily. This provided a clean and safe environment for us to confidently be on site to observe progress and make real time adjustments.
Meyer Brothers and Sons are not the lowest cost company. But, they are clearly worth their premium cost for those people who want a project designed well and built well with responsive, and prompt adjustments.

Dave NicholsMay 2013 - Angie's List