The new owners of this Montgomery home had a very specific intention in mind – “Save the Ranch!”  With many of the older 1-story homes being torn down to make room for larger 2-story homes, this owner truly did want to try and preserve a piece of the historical integrity of this neighborhood that was once filled with single story modest ranch homes lining the streets.  

So the owners purchased this house and decided to add an addition off the back and remodel some interior space to make it work for them.  Primary interior goals were: 1. Create a more spacious master suite,  2. Bring the laundry room space to the main floor and out of the basement,  and 3. Open up the kitchen, living & dining room spaces to one another.  To achieve goal #1, a master suite addition off the back of the home was designed & built.  Since it was an addition off the back, the streetscape view of the home was not impacted as this was very important to the owners.  To achieve goal #2, the existing master bedroom space was utilized for the laundry-room as well as the new location of the basement stairs.  The basement stairs needed to be relocated to achieve goal #3.  With the basement stairs out of the way, the walls that divided the kitchen, dining room, and living room from one another could all be removed allowing for a new island to be installed and act as the single piece of both connection and division between these 3 rooms.


Master Suite Addition & Whole House Remodel

Approximate cost

$150,000 – $200,000

What We Did

Designed & Built the Master Suite Addition; Relocated the Basement Stairwell & Laundry Room; Opened up and partially remodeled the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room

We've had quite a bit of experience with builders, with four remodels and one new build over the past 20 years. Without a doubt, Meyer Bros & Sons have been the best. They were the most dedicated and highest quality team we've had the pleasure to work with. We downsized to a three-bedroom ranch, then brought in Meyer Bros & Sons to design an addition with a new master suite, spa bath, and walk-in closet. The team also converted an existing bedroom to a laundry/mud room and remodeled the kitchen/living/dining area to an open concept space that is ideal for entertaining and family gatherings. Jeremy impressed us with his design ideas, timely updates, and positive responsiveness. Greg amazed us so many times with his project management and his ability to make/fix just about anything. The tile work was beautifully done. The custom cabinets, interior doors, refinished floors, and trimwork showed creative craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even the painting and electrical work were far more than we expected. In the end, we felt like they gave us a brand new house with quality finishes and details. They certainly weren't our least expensive bid, but the end result is far beyond our expectations. Superior workmanship from really great people, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We hope to work with them again on a future project!

Cheri WyattMay 2015 - Houzz