Project Narrative

A local architecture firm, whom we have partnered with on several projects, introduced us to a nonprofit looking to upgrade their office space in this historic residence located in downtown Hamilton. This project was special & challenging for several reasons. First, it is in the historic district of German Village, so we had to work with the review board for exterior improvement approval such as windows. Secondly, it was a very old home with remnants of the past hidden inside, for example mud in the basement ceiling joists from the great flood of 1913. And finally, everyone wanted to preserve to the best of our ability the beautiful woodwork throughout the home and especially at the front entry stair, which we were able to do with our talented finish department.


Converted historic home into office space


Community Design Alliance


$600,000 – $700,000

Meyer Brothers and Sons was an absolute joy to work with. They were SO incredibly organized from the start of our project to the finish. They set a time line at the beginning of the project that they followed very carefully-we always knew what was going on during construction. The budget allowances were set before the start of the project and was updated when selections were made. We were constantly aware of how much we had spent/was left to spend. Meyer has a good group of vendors to visit for selections and we didn't feel overwhelmed by running around to too many different places. The contractors that were hired by Meyer (electrician, plumber, painters, etc.) were top notch-so courteous, helpful, and professional. Our project manager, Jerry Meyer was super friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and just a great person to lead the team! We are THRILLED with our new home and would recommend Meyer Brothers and Sons to everyone!

John KronenbergerOctober 2018 -Angie's list